Note: This is about the fictional character. For the real-life Jim, click here.

Jim Sterling, officially named James Samantha Oscillating Limpet, is (Or was) a senior executive at FistShark Marketing, being one of the longest executives to work there, along with fellow senior executive, Conrad Zimmerman. Both a productive and reckless force in the company, Jim has

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In the final recording, All Bad Things, the final section has Jim and Conrad discuss how the Senior Partners' recently fined them for drugging the water supply without their consent. Angered, the two complain over it, and eventually Conrad decides that they should implement "the nuclear option". After moving the Doll away, Conrad tells Jim what they should do: They should create a union. Suddenly, the sound of thunder comes in, rumbling for a couple of seconds before the credits roll.

It is unclear what exactly may have happened after Conrad says that. The thunder sound could be a literal one, implying that the Senior Partners overheard what he said and incurred their wrath upon the both of them in the most shocking way possible. The sound could also be for dramatic effect, giving off how drastic this would be for the two executives who have long shown their anti-union stance. Either way, this would be the final appearance of Jim and Conrad, with their fates, as well as the rest of FistShark's, left unknown.

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Of the FistShark executives, Jim is the most willing to accept his clients' hair-brained projects, especially if he senses potential profit. However, his (extremely) warped view of the world often leads him to advocate projects that are unlikely to succeed, possibly criminal, and sometimes just plain unhinged.

His constant failed attempts to land a contract for FistShark with singer Bono has led him to impersonate the singer on several occasions, although his efforts invariably end in failure.

He seems to have an oddly tolerant attitude toward Miley Cyrus, and has sometimes aided her in her strange experiments, much to his colleagues' exasperation.

His brutality and disdain toward Craig the intern seems to be the most extreme of all the Fistshark employees.

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