Jim Sterling is one of the executives at FistShark Marketing, who also partially acts like the leader among the executives. Out of the rest of the executives, he is also the most ignorant and morally-lacking of the bunch, as well as a sexual deviant and a willing test subject for Doctor Nightscreams new drugs.

Of the FistShark executives, Jim is the most willing to accept his clients' hair-brained projects, especially if he senses potential profit. However, his (extremely) warped view of the world often leads him to advocate projects that are unlikely to succeed, possibly criminal, and sometimes just plain unhinged.

His constant failed attempts to land a contract for FistShark with singer Bono has led him to impersonate the singer on several occasions, although his efforts invariably end in failure.

He seems to have an oddly tolerant attitude toward Miley Cyrus, and has sometimes aided her in her strange experiments, much to his colleagues' exasperation.

His brutality and disdain toward Craig the intern seems to be the most extreme of all the Fistshark employees.

Jim claims to have a number of children, although he is unsure as to which, if any of them are his.

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