"'Fuck off! Fuck off out of my kitchen! Get out of my house, I'm calling the police!'" -Gordon Ramsay in Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Fuck-Off

Gordon Ramsay is a world-renowned chef and a (Possibly former) client of FistShark. First mentioned in FistShark's discussion of Lil' Squirts Beauty Pageant as a judge, he has appeared many times throughout executive meetings, usually ending up in situations he was forced to partake in.

Company History Edit

Gordon was first mentioned in Episode 7: Lil' Squirts Beauty Pageant, as a judge of the aforementioned event. During this event, Gordon apparently fell into a coma, with Jim claiming that he "was laughing and joking one minute, turned 'round; He's in a coma," though witnesses of the scene have made other claims which Jim vehemently refutes. Soon after, in Episode 9: Tasty Treats, Jim sent him to an island which he filled with thousands of dogs and placed cameras all over the place, where he claims to have created a set-up for a new reality TV show, called Gordon Ramsay's Dog Island, and excuses it as a way to end the possible lawsuit from Gordon for putting him in a coma (Though in reality, it appears this was originally intended just so Jim could see Gordon fuck a bunch of dogs.). The reality TV show was expected to have him live on the island for 7 years to see what would happen between him and the dogs, whether he'd become their king, go insane and act like a dog, compete with the dogs, etc. In the end, he became the king of the dogs, but only for a month it appears, as the dogs, through complex plotting and scheming, overthrew Gordon Ramsay, exiling him from the island where he drifted until he was brought in by fishermen, who returned him to shore.

The entire experience left Gordon mentally scarred, and for a while he wasn't seen again, with only a brief mention which would foreshadow his return, as instead of returning to his chef career, Gordon instead became a werewolf hunter, convinced that there is a celebrity circle of werewolves, leading him to openly threaten Jeff Goldblum's life by claiming he'd "'put a steak through your [Jeff Goldblum's] heart,'" while literally waving around an uncooked steak.