FistShark Marketing is a comedic podcast about the shenanigans of the executives, staff, and clients of the fictional marketing firm/corporation, FistShark Marketing. Hosted primarily by Jim Sterling and Conrad Zimmerman, among others, the podcast first began airing on July 20th, 2014 with Dean Cain the Dog Walker and has had a total of 145 episodes uploaded onto its website and YouTube channel.

Summary Edit

Premise Edit

The podcast looks at the ongoing insanity of the world of FistShark Marketing, a fictional company which actually works in many areas of industry and entertainment, although marketing remains its largest area of work. Every episode, the executives deal with a certain subject, be it a problem with a client, the need for a new product,an internal project of the company's, etc. The company's typical dealings or ways of dealing are often bizarre, crazy, eldritch, idiotic, cruel, terrifying, or some combination of the previous six, yet the way the executives discuss or handle them is usually in a modern, business-like manner (Or the best that can be mustered), to great comedic effect.

Each episode is set up as an edited-down recording, typically of an executive meeting, with each section of the episode being a particular highlight of the recording.The executives serve as a sort of host of the podcast, with essentially all information and lore about their situation and world that the listeners know of coming from them. The executives also act as fictionalized caricatures of their real-life counterparts, almost serving as a kind of Bizarro world or mirror universe version of the real person as their traits are exaggerated and they generally represent or promote what the real person would abhor.

Setting/World Edit

The setting of the executives is at the headquarters of FistShark Marketing in the vaguely-located city of Boston, somewhere in the United States. Besides being the place where they are located in, it also serves as the primary location for what they do and who they work with, being home to seemingly all or most of their clientele and serving as the public testing and launching ground for new products, among other things. While Boston serves as the American or North American headquarters of the company, references have been made to other FistShark companies elsewhere on Earth, including a "FistSharké Marketing"