He has a moustache and is a host

Conrad is the more quiet and evenly spoken of the two male execs, which hides the rampant avarice and callous disregard for moral scruples behind a veil of civility.

Conrad is not as unhinged or perverted as his colleague Jim Sterling, and sometimes reacts with a mixture of caution, doubt, and concern to some of the proposals that Jim comes up with. Not from any kind of ethics, mind. It's purely his desire to avoid negative publicity for FistShark. However, he can be easy to sway to Jim's view of things, especially when the chance of big profits are involved.

Like the other executives, he hates Craig the intern, but doesn't seem to take as active a part in tormenting him. He seems content to voice his contempt and disappointment whenever Craig complains bout his treatment. A notable exception was when he joined in with Jim to deliver a savage beating to Craig, whilst honouring the deceased Caitlin's last wishes.