FistShark Marketing holds many clients under its wings, including celebrities, companies, and even countries! Peruse this rogue's gallery of clients (Not that we're saying they're criminals or anything. Who said anything about crimes?) to inform yourself of their existence!

Celebrities Edit

Name First Appear. Status Notes
Dean Cain FistShark Marketing 01: Dean Cain The Dog Walker Alive Previously played Superman in the 90s; Is now homeless bum on the streets; Too right-wing for the Nazis
Val Kilmer FistShark Marketing 01: Dean Cain The Dog Walker Alive The Man Who Was the Batman; Bizarre, somewhat occultic
Corey Feldman FistShark Marketing 01: Dean Cain The Dog Walker Alive Doesn't know the city
Robin Thicke FistShark Marketing 02: Scarlett Johanssen Lied to Us Alive The Blurred Lines guy; Tends to be hostile near women; Aroused by disassembling bikes
Kevin Sorbo FistShark Marketing 07: Lil' Squirts Beauty Pageant Alive Very fundamentalist
Miley Cyrus FistShark Marketing 08: Dumpster Full of Spines Alive Hannah Montana girl; Facade of rebelliousness and insanity is kept up for her, but is actually very inventive
Gordon Ramsay* FistShark Marketing 09: Tasty Treats Dead World-renowned chef; Part of Dog Island project, but was banished and left traumatized; made him believe in werewolves and started hunting them; Died during filming of Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Fuck-Off

*Celebrity left as FistShark client

Companies & Other Organizations Edit

Name First Appear.
Slaatvania (The Lebedev Administration) FistShark Marketing 08:Dumpster Full of Spines


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